For Department Coordinator's Information

Dear Department Coordinators,

As International Cooperations and Joint Programs Unit, we admit exchange students within the scope of our cooperation protocols or within the scope of free mover mobility when there is no cooperation activity with the counter university.

We see this admission as a process and we adopt the following steps:

1. First things first, we accept the application documents and forms of the students who would like to be an exchange student in our in institution within the scope of both cooperation protocols and free mover mobility through e-mail and postal services until the deadline stated at our website under the incoming students and free mover tabs.

2. Later, we evaluate the documents and forms and we send acceptance letters out to the students who qualify to be an exchange student in our institution.

3. Following that, we send the documents and forms of the students to the department coordinators. This is a process similar to Erasmus program.

4. We think it will be beneficial for you to keep a copy of these documents.

5. With your confirmation as well, we kindly ask you to sign the Learning Agreement (3 copies) and keep one of the copies for your files and send back the other two to our office.

6. Besides that, the students will be able to alter the courses they have already added on the Learning Agreement.

7. Also, the course codes and groups must be accurate as it is crucial for the courses to be registered into the system.

For Your Information and Best Regards,

International Cooperations and Joint Programs Unit