Quality Goals

Our Quality Goals as follows:

·         To develop and strengthen our university’s cultural and educational cooperation and ties with foreign universities and institutions

·         To develop our university’s contacts through international partnerships; and in this context, to set up at least five partnerships annually

·         To increase the number of bilateral and multilateral cultural and educational cooperation protocols and joint undergraduate/graduate programs; and in this context, to set up at least 1 joint undergraduate/graduate program and at least five international certificate programs

·         To provide the delegations visiting our university with university presentations, guidance, and other services

·         Organizing and assisting the international summer schools, internship programs, international award ceremonies and conferences and such related events

·         Monitoring the student and faculty exchange within the scope of signed cooperation protocols

·         To increase the number of incoming and outgoing faculty exchange in terms of enhancing higher education quality; and in this context, to exchange 2 faculties annually

·         To provide YTU students with consultancy services for education abroad and scholarships and to organize at least five seminars regarding these issues