Incoming Students



Dear Students,



Thank you very much for your interest in Yıldız Technical University.



Yıldız Technical University accepts overseas students from diverse backgrounds and prepares them for an active role in the global society of the future. You can either apply to undergraduate or graduate programs in order to obtain a diploma/degree or exchange programs (Erasmus or via bilateral agreement) in order to study at YTU for one or two academic semester. If there is no Erasmus or bilateral agreement between your university and YTU you still have a good chance to come to YTU. You have that option called free mover.



For admission requirements and conditions about bachelor’s degree programmes please contact Foreign Students Office at; for graduate programmes please contact either Graduate Schools of Natural and Applied Sciences at or Graduate School of Social Sciences at ; for Erasmus exchange programme please contact EU Office at; and for an exchange programme through bilateral agreement and free mover please contact us at .



In order to study as an exchange students at YTU within the framework of the protocol on educational and scientific cooperation signed between your home university and YTU, firstly you have to be nominated as an exchange student by your university via email.



Please submit the required documents until the deadline for applications.




Deadline for Application



For Fall Semester:  -


For Spring Semester: -  



Required documents



·         Student Exchange Program Application Form for Incoming Students  

·         Learning Agreement (3 copies)  

·         Certificate of Enrollment at your home university

·         Transcript of Records

·         Curriculum Vitae (CV)

·         Copy of Passport

·         2 photos




Last but not least, though medium of instruction at Yıldız Technical University is Turkish, 30% of the courses are conducted in English. There are also some programs that are conducted in English. Please contact with your department coordinators at YTU ( where contact information is available) in order to learn the list of English courses given at related department.