About YTU




Yıldız Technical University (YTU) whose vision is to be a leading institution of international standing represents a unique milieu of education, research and culture in Turkey.

YTU inherits our outstanding science, technology, culture and pioneers open access to academic research, technology and arts. Being one of the most well-known universities of Turkey, it is conductive to the achievement of the goal of the development and welfare of the society.

YTU offers a range of programmes at the undergraduate and graduate level, ranging from engineering disciplines to humanities and social sciences. It also provides opportunities for qualified students and academicians to participate in exchange programmes.

YTU is one of the leading government institution situated in three campuses in İstanbul in addition to being the 3rd oldest university of Turkey with its history dating back to 1911. It is regarded as one of the best universities in the country as well. The university’s mission is to promote development and cooperation at the national and international level by providing outstanding professional knowledge and skills in the educational fields.

Today YTU has 10 Faculties most of which are related to engineering, 2 Graduate Schools, 2 Vocational Schools and a School of Foreign Languages with more than 25,000 students.



The internalization of YTU has been placed at the centre of the strategy and day to day functioning of YTU at students and faculty level. YTU offers you the best experience during your study at YTU and your stay in Istanbul.

International students of YTU in all programs benefit from an international experience, either by doing a semester exchange or a double degree in any of our partner schools abroad, or by doing an international work placement. With increasing number of international students coming to YTU to study from abroad, it is our pleasure to welcome you and to help you to integrate into life at YTU and in İstanbul.

YTU looks forward to welcoming you.


YTU aims to engage with projects that stand for extra benefit in a peaceful ambiance lead by a scientific approach with the company of all our internal and external stakeholders; and also to set up a modern university which can challenge to and get into rivalry with international universities in scientific, social and cultural aspects through the awareness that the service to university is the service to the world.

Through this real process, YTU which aims to catch up with the universal standards in quality of research, has been mastering through becoming a modern university with its laboratories, research centers and Technopark. In this context, we strongly believe that it would doubtlessly contribute to the development of the country to approach to the social problems and to try to find solutions to them.

Research and Application Centres

  • Management of Tourism Areas Application and Research Centre
  • Centre for the Protection of Historical Heritage
  • Vedat Kosal Music Application and Research Centre
  • Natural Sciences Research Centre
  • Turkey Social and Economic History Research Centre
  • International Centre for Urban Studies- ICUS
  • Transport Application and Research Centre
  • Balkan Centre for Advanced Casting Technologies
  • Strategic Research Centre
  • Yıldız Technical University Continuing Education Centre
  • Research and Application Centre for Settlement and Architectural Sciences
  • Atatürk Principles and the History of Revolution Application and Research Centre
  • Application and Research Centre for Industrial Relations
  • Centre for Global Research
  • Application and Research Centre for Balkan and Black Sea Studies
  • Istanbul Historical Peninsula Application and Research Centre
  • Energy Application and Research Centre
  • Scientific and Technological Application and Research Centre
  • Distance Education Application and Research Centre


Yıldız Technology Development Zone-Techno Park (Science and Technology Park) launched its operations in January 2010.  Certified by the Ministry of Industry, Yıldız Techno Park Project is designed on an area of 103.000 m2 inside the Davutpaşa Campus of Yıldız Technical University with a total area of 1.300.000 m2.

The YTU Technological Development Zone aims to contribute to the increase of the level of industry, science and technology in our country by providing technology transfer to companies and participation in research projects.

Yıldız Techno park is now hosting 7000 qualified research and development (R&D) engineers with more than 400 R&D firms operating at various fields such as software development, information technology R&D, telecommunication solutions, industrial products, molecular technology, health sector R&D, industrial products R&D, etc.


Medium of Instruction

Though medium of instruction at Yıldız Technical University is Turkish, 30% of the courses are conducted in English. There are also some programs that are conducted in English.

Academic Year

An academic year consists of the Spring and Fall Semesters, each of which are no less than fourteen weeks. The University Senate has the right to change the semester duration if necessary.

Period of the Study

The period of the study is 4 years (8 semesters) for undergraduate degree programs. However, an undergraduate student must complete his/her studies in a period of maximum 7 years (14 semesters). The amount of time required for foreign language preparation course is not included in the above-mentioned periods.


At least 70% attendance is required for theoretical subjects, whether the student is enrolled for the first time or is repeating due to lack of attendance or a failing grade; at least 80% attendance is mandatory for any other applied subject.

Performance Rating